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'Threshold' Art Print

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'Threshold' Art Print

Elayna Mae Darcy | 📝 Author & Artist 📚
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"I stare into the belly of an elevator,
made on all sides of glass,
where beyond the walls
is the rest of the universe..."

(From the poem Threshold, in Chapter 3 of STILL THE STARS)

These 5.5 by 8.5 inch art prints feature a scene from the book STILL THE STARS as illustrated by the author.

Each piece is a print of the doors and the stone walls surrounding them, but the detailing of the starscape within is done by hand after they have been printed, making each piece unique and one of a kind.

You have the option to chose which starscape will be depicted based on the Alterian seasons and their associated elements, but each one is illustrated by hand.

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One 5.5x8.5 print with customized hand drawn starscape detailing.

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